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India's music is jam-packed with beats, emotions, and all the connotations you'll need to make your latkas and jhatkas.

One major mistake that some couples make is underestimating the importance of entertainment on their wedding day. A professional, whether a DJ or a band, takes the burden off your shoulders and ensures your guests have the best time possible.

However, selecting the right type of entertainment theme for the DJ, bridal entry, sangeet, and other wedding ceremonies can be a tough choice to make.

For Events as Unique as you Create!

Your guests need to know when the important parts of your wedding are taking place, and the DJ should be planning of time.

On the day of your wedding, you should also work closely with your venue and other professionals. We're all working together in the background to ensure that the only thing you must worry about is when to stop dancing!

The recreated entertainment scenarios should be able to read what your guests are interested in and adapt their song selection to the crowd.

At the end of the day, think about what your guests will take with them. Make sure they have wonderful memories of a wedding that they will talk about for years because your entertainment was fantastic!

Create and Enjoy your Moments.

Bands- Wedding bands are common because reception dances are enjoyed by everyone. Choose a band that plays music you enjoy and is versatile enough to cover everything from old standards to current hits.

Dance-Off Contest- Nobody can deny that a dance-off competition would be entertaining to watch. Dance-off competitions between male and female guests, as well as groomsmen and bridesmaids, are a fun addition to a live band wedding reception. At a wedding, there were some seriously impressive moves on display.

Children's entertainer- If you're inviting children to your reception, make sure there's something fun for them to do. While the adults enjoy themselves at the party, the children can enjoy a children's performer.

The Flash Mob- Have you ever watched a flash mob video on YouTube and wished you could have joined in? The unexpected appearance of dance routines with the same moves is thrilling to watch. Can you imagine a flash mob at a wedding to surprise the bride and groom? Alternatively, you could surprise them as well as the rest of the wedding guests! We’re confident that some fantastic responses are on the way. The bride's expression when she realised, she was about to fulfil a childhood dream was priceless.

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