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Are you getting married soon? If Yes, But how to start your Wedding Planning?

Yes, this is where a wedding planner comes in handy.

Weddings, as we all know, are one of the most important days of a person's life, and if it's an Indian wedding, the task becomes even more difficult because Indian weddings are a series of functions and celebrations for which a large number of people gather for your D Day.

Then you should consider Riwaaz wedding and the team to handle every detail of your wedding and make it a day to remember with everything falling into place because they will be your investment in making a memorable day.

Hiring a wedding planner may appear to be a luxurious extravagance at first glance.

You'd agree that the extended family would traditionally gather in India for a family wedding. They would all work together to plan the wedding and enjoy it as a group. During the celebration, each aunt, uncle, cousin, and sibling had a role to play.

However, much has changed in the intervening years. Today, every millennial or Generation Z has their own version of what they want.

Creating the Best Wedding Day Ever

Some prefer a simple, no-frills wedding, while others prefer the traditional route, and still others will go to great lengths to make it an extravagant affair.

Wedding planners keep you and all your wedding events organised, from photography to catering and flowers to the music playlist, all while reducing your stress and ensuring the planning process is fun and enjoyable for you.

During your wedding festivities, we will take care of every small detail, making this a memorable experience with everything falling into place. The creations and efforts will elevate your wedding events to new heights. We will meet with you to discuss wedding logistics, negotiate vendor contracts, and ensure that wedding-day activities run smoothly.

This job is sometimes one of the most important aspects of a spectacular wedding day, but you may not realise it.

Trust us when we make a statement - weddings planned by a wedding planner will always have a distinct touch and feel to the environment.

Whether it's the personalised décor or the menu, or the peace of mind that your wedding planner provides, your family will be able to enjoy each ceremony with ease.

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